“Eritrea opposition Frankfurt workshop”????

It is called “Eritrea opposition Frankfurt meeting”. Or is it “Frankfurt Workshop”? or may be “Frankfurt Dialogue”?

Whatever they called it, it is just another scam; for a simple reason: the signed “communique” (see picture below) completely ignores the most immediate issues at stake and that matter to our Eritrean society.

What is the point of highlighting issues that are irrelevant at the moment, and that could only be addressed by a legitimate national assembly?

Perhaps an authentic and real people’s movement shall stand for the following aims:-

1) an immediate release of those who remained disappeared (This issue is nowhere to be found in the “communique”)
2) an immediate end to national slavery. (The “communique” rather call for an end to “pervasive practice of militarization”. But in our society what we have is a pervasive practice of slavery and servitude in the name of military service, and not “pervasive practice of militarization”).
3) an immediate establishment of a national assembly through a democratic election under the banner of the legitimate Eritrean blue flag. The assembly shall deal with all issues that matter to future of our society, including but not limited to legal and constitutional issues, socio-economic aspects, land, language, international relations etc etc. Also, the rights of an opposition voice to be part of the assembly shall strictly be respected.(In the “communique” however, there is nothing that says about a formation of a legitimate assembly. Instead, it helplessly attempts to address issues that can only be legitimately addressed by a national assembly).

Conclusion: the signed “communique” is useless and irrelevant.



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